One wallet, everything.

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The next decentralized network



January 2017

Conducting rigorous processes of user research, market studies and business process development.

Taking Off

May 2017

Product design begins while user studies continute to further solidify its foundations.

Token Sales

December 2017

Token sales begin, pitching to investors all over the world.

Official Launch & Testnet Launch


Officially launching in early 2019.

Concept launch

Mid-Late 2019

Volt will officially launch as a proof of concept that utilizes several functionalities within the network.

About Us

Slyck is all about it's people.

What we do

We mainly provide contract-based development projects to clients and have an independent department for internal research and development poised to innovate the next revolution in an industry.

Our People

Meet the team!

Nicholas Chen

Founder, CTO

Born and raised in a technologically inclined environment, Nicholas has grown an immense passion for computer science since the age of 13 through a little piece of device called the smartphone and has started programming ever since.
Jasper Chua

Co-founder, CEO